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XBMC Lyrics
Have tried using CU Lyrics, and LRC Lyrics... CU auto-scrolling doesn't seem to be working for me, and LRC is not picking up lyrics that CU is grabbing.

The layout for XBMC Lyrics looks to be nicer, off to the right hand side of the screen. But, not grabbing any lyrics at all.

When I look in the settings for XBMC Lyrics - under SCRAPERS, Primary lyric scraper is set to ?0?. When I change it - it changes to ?-1?.

Also under settings GENERAL, Enable karaoke mode is true with -Autoscroll non LRC tagged lyrics greyed out. If I unselect (false) Enable karaoke mode, -Autoscroll... still remains greyed.

My questions are how do I change the scraper being used? Will the greyed out -Autoscroll non LRC tagged lyrics have any effect, should it be of any concern?

From what I have read this is an older script, but seems to have more options and a better layout for displaying lyrics... would be my first choice if can get it working. It looks very similar to what is being used on MediaPortal.

Thanks in advance
Got the same problem. Any solution?
Same here. Witha small code modification I was able to select a scraper.
But no lyrics are displayed.

I'd like a solution to this as well. Are there alternative scrapers to LRC and CU?
Still no solution?
i'm updating xbmc lyrics. post questions in my thread. but wait until i've updated it.
For python coding questions first see

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