Flexget Config File Creator (Program)
The idea behind this program is to help people create a Flexget config file with the correct settings to download movies and TV shows.

When I first started to use Flexget I found getting the right config quite hard to do and after many hours of playing and getting it just right, I want to help people with theirs. This will generate a new Config file with the settings you state and will allow you to save it to a location of your choice which you can then move to the live Flexget install.

Latest Changes:

Output to SABnzbd including labels
Output to Deluge with far greater controls, including labels and auto sorting
Email notification settings with optional user/password
Prowl Options enabled to allow push messages to iOS devices
Load/Save options
Transmission settings
Deluge Settings
Ebook download options
Music Download options
Apple trailer Download Options



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Please do give me as much feed back as possible and if there is anything you would like added please also let me know Smile
2 year user of Flex Get, have it working etc, but it was a struggle, and with more and more options available for configuring its been a break and fix kinda thing for me. just last week i was contemplating building my own, amazing to see your ahead of the curve on this one. hopefully you keep going and add in all the possible configurable options. and proper syntax in the file so its properly written. thanks so much and can't wait to try this out. question though Linux version?
Sadly I don't use Linux so wouldn't know were to start.

What do you see is wrong with the syntax in the file? or is that just for when I get the rest done?
Updated with Save and load options (out to a CFC file to allow you to come back to your settings) Prowl Options and Email options.

Also the website is a little nicer to look at Wink
Version 1.2 now out, few bug fixes, Deluge and Sabnzbd Support.
Does you program address the config for manually added torrents to deluge, then later have flexget rename and move the correct TV directory?

At the moment no, its very basic output support to Deluge (mainly because I haven't been able to get Deluge and Felxget working together due to running Flexget on my Server which is 64bit).

I'm sure If I can find some example code on how to do this, I can add the function for you.

I guess something like this:

      quality: 720p
        path: /media/diska/incomplete/
        movedone: "/media/diska/TV/%(series_name)s/"
        label: 720p
      quality: hdtv
        path: /media/diskb/incomplete/
        movedone: "/media/diskb/TV/%(series_name)s/Season %(series_season)d/"
        label: tv
    - name 1
    - name 2
    - name 3
    - name 4:
          movedone: /media/diskb/otherfolder/
          queuetotop: yes
deluge: yes


        content_filename: "%(series_name)s - %(series_id)s - %(quality)s"
        movedone: /home/user/TV/%(series_name)s/Season %(series_season)d/
    - Show Name
deluge: yes

Looks fairly easy, Ill have a look at that today, see If I can get it working for you.

Edit: I just reread your post, and this isn't what you need is it? I'm not sure how you can get Flexget to read a folder and do the move as when you normally do it with Flexget you pass the arguments to deluge rather than Flexget doing the move for you. If you can find out how this is done, please let me know and I can write it in.

edit 2: Found out how it can be done.. coding it now!
After a few hours of coding, I just found out to do renaming, you have to loose a load of other functions.

take a look at http://flexget.com/wiki/Cookbook/Series/Sort which will allow you to do what you need, but if you read:


  # this preset cannot have any other configuration or else it will affect our sort-series

It means you cannot download diff versions of quality shows etc Ill leave my code in the application for now, but hidden, if they get the plugin working a little better, ill include it with a later release.
Found a couple of bugs when making the config, this was down to if a show wasn’t downloaded in each quality (i.e one is 720 and one in HD) it wouldn’t create the config correctly and also a small issue with the reject words part where it was looking for the letters anywhere in the file rather then just the title. These are both now fixed, and much better much Deluge support has been added. My plan is to get Transmission support very soon too.
I have just finished Version 1.4, this adds support for downloading music and E books in the "other downloads" section. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated! Big Grin
please support apple trailers. that would be awesome.thanks.
Flexget = Awesome.

It fills in the gaps for Movies that I just have never heard of. Sickbeard and CouchPotato work for stuff that I know about.
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON `xbmc_%`.* TO 'xbmc'@'%';
IF you have a mysql problem, find one of the 4 dozen threads already open.
I will work on that today for you public, expect a new release later on today (once I work out how the plugin works Wink)
All done! http://www.flexgetcfc.co.uk/flexget-cfc-...-trailers/ I have tested it, and it works very well, I have also included the renaming of the files once downloaded. Enjoy!
thanks danceresort. appreciate it.
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