Videos / Movies in neon?
Alright guys, this may not be the exact place where to put this, but I figured I'm using neon, so.... put it here. I. am. a. noob.

First, let me start off, I'm coming from the live cd/ linux installation. I cleared everything and loaded a fresh copy of xp on my system.

In linux, everything just fell right into movies. With out any problems.

In windows, I have only one movie, Alice in wonderland.

The files are stored remotely on a .torrent server. "XMBC"

There just the .avi files and such, not in individual folders, just dumped in this one "Movies" folder.

Now in windows, I cant get any of my movies to show up under movies or HD movies, they all show up under videos, but not movies....

What did I do?

Also, is there an easy way to get the Wall-e wall paper from HD movies to go over to the Movies category.

Any help will be great!
I'd start here: and get your movie folder added as a source and then scan it to the library.

As for the background, you can change it in skin settings and browse to skin.neon/backgrounds
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