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[RELEASE] Artist Slideshow addon (for skin integration)
Oddsodz Wrote:This may sound silly, But could you make a list on the 1st post of this thread of all the skins that this add-on is known to support.

Not at all silly. I had a slightly different version of the same idea. Since Ronie started this thread, he's the only one that can update that page. Anyone can update the wiki page for the addon though at:


I think I'll ask Ronie to make the first post a generic-ish description of the addon and provide a link to the wiki for detailed information on usage and skin integration. Then we can maintain a list of skins that work with this there.
Martijn Wrote:That would be a nearly impossible task and very hard to keep up to date.

Or we coud do this. Big Grin
pkscuot Wrote:Or we coud do this. Big Grin

Ned Scott is updating the wiki wo it's very easy to add these features on the skin pages. Will take some time.
Here's how that looks for T!

Think this approach is better than providing a list on each add-on page.
The skin page in combination with the skin comparison should give a better indication.
Read/follow the forum rules.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting, read this first
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There is a new experimental version available at:


This version includes:

- updated refresh during download logic to make it more aesthetically pleasing
- refresh during downloads is now the default (and non-optional) behavior
- removed option to change refresh timing
- new cache manager (removes only files, not directories)
- added one additional (smaller) option for cache size
- experimental support for external scripts using artistslideshow
- experimental support for internet streams

If you're one of the folks who was waiting for support for internet streams that use the title field, please test this, as I don't have a good way to test it right now. If you run into problems, please post the URL for the stream and give me a little hint on how to integrate that into a playlist and I'll see what I can do to track the issue down.

This also adds experimental support for other addons to call this addon. If you're an addon developer and interested in trying that out, please check out the readme. I'll update the wiki page after this gets pushed into the repo. Barring any problems during testing, that will be next week sometime.
Hi guys, sorry if the question was answered before but I have a problem related with Artist Slideshow 0.1.0.
Im running Dharma 10.1, so I guess that's the newest version for me?!

Addon runs without problems, I got images displayed but now the "now playing" information at the bottom doesn't fade away after some time as before. It remains there the whole time music is played. Anybody has a hint why?

Edit: Figured it out for myself, it goes away by pressing 'i'.
A pull request went in for v1.3.0. Ronie and I decided this was a good moment to create a new thread so I have control over the first post. This thread will soon be closed. Please see the new thread.
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[RELEASE] Artist Slideshow addon (for skin integration)1
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