TVHeadend client in Windows XBMC ?
Hey Guys,

I've been using XBMC and TVHeadend for a while with ubuntu and more recently openelec distro - but it looks like I am going to have to switch to windows to get achieve some other features I want (bluray to name one - since makemkv doesn't have great WAF)

So I was wondering - Does XBMC's TVHeadend client work in the Windows builds of XBMC PVR from margro etc.. ?
If not, it's back to the drawing board Laugh
it works fine but obviously the tvheadend server needs to be on a linux machine since it doesn't run on windows
And Ive never tried margro's builds but dushmaniacs work fine as does compiling it yourself
Cracking thanks for the info Jezz, the server wont be a problem since I run that on a different box anyway Smile
Quote:and more recently openelec distro

May i ask you how you got PVR with TVHeadend on another server running?
see my thread here

I have TVHeadend running on an Ubuntu system and currently using Dharma PVR patched on Windows 7.
It is stable, but sometimes EPG is not working.
And many times it is slow on my Zotac Board, so i'm interested in switching over to OpenElec which is impressingly fast.
Sure - to start with I was compiling Openelec myself, but then Gujs started to release regular builds of Openelec using the PVR branch of XBMC from Lars.

You can grab them from here;

This may not solve your EPG issues though, as I think this area is still under heavy development as I also regularly get no epg info.

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TVHeadend client in Windows XBMC ?0
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