No sound after starting a movie

I have a dual-boot system (Windows 7 / XBMCLive with Ubuntu). Under Windows everything works great, the only minus is the performance, which is pretty poor in combination with the AEON MQ skin. So i decided to try out XBMC Live, were the performance is a lot better. But now i have a sound issue.

I installed XBMC Live and the strangest things happens; when i start XBMC sound is working when navigating the menu bar. But after i start a movie or music then i get the error message: Cannot initialize audio settings. When i go back to the menu bar, the sound also is gone.

My system is a Asrock ION 3d. I set the HDMI card to default under ubuntu, (because first i had no sound at all), after reading all the posts with audio problems. But in non of them i found the problem i experience.

Another thing which is strange for me, is that i don't see the HDMI option in de Audio Mixer.
In the system/audio settings i tried all possible combinations but without success.

Does anyone has an idea? BTW i am a complete newbie concerning Ubuntu.

Thanks in advance!
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No sound after starting a movie00