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Chain function -vs- Custom Function
I'm not really sure what the difference is....

and i've been attempting to program a replacement for scraperxml (which seems to be a dead project) but i'm a bit stumped on the difference between these two types of functions.
<url function="AAA">BBB</url>
uses BBB as URL and passes content (of that web page) to function AAA in $$1

<chain function="AAA">BBB</url>
passes BBB directly to function AAA as string in $$1
Thanks that explained it perfectly
One more question.

Is there a priority given to chain functions in relation to custom functions after the function calling them has run its course.

In other words
are chain/custom functions executed in the order of occurrence, or is the set of chain functions run before any custom functions or vice-versa?
Is there are way to pass more than one parameter to a chain function?
Or do I just have to encode them into a string and then split them back out inside the function.
they are executed in xml order in a depth-first recursion. you have to concat to pass multiple buffers.

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Chain function -vs- Custom Function00