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[Win7] Error: PVR Addon could not been activated
After downloading dushmaniacs actual pvr build I am not able to get the TV functionality to work.

I installed mediaportal 1.1.3 including TV Server and MySQL database. After that I configured the TV Server. It worked fine with mediaportal.

Now I installed the XBMC PVR Version git rev. 615e173 from dushmaniacs signature

Everything workes well without the Watch TV Option. I tried to enable it in the settings but it shows me an "PVR Addon Could not been activated" Error Massage.

I enabled the Addon by myself but it still does not work.

Also i tried to install a plugin for the media portal tv server. Does dushmaniacs Eden build still need a TV server plugin? Which should I use (I found some old ones for Dharma PVR Builds)?
Yes, you still need the TVServerXBMC plugin at the TVServer side.
See: my TVServerXBMC plugin website for the latest versions.
Developer of the MediaPortal PVR addon and retired developer of the Argus-TV PVR-addon.
Thanks, it works now. I downloaded the wrong plugin for the TV Server.

[Win7] Error: PVR Addon could not been activated00