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[req] Home Screen icons...
Would love to see an option for a Home screen with a home menu with icons in a horizontal menu style like this...

I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
Not sure if i am following you or not, but it currently is done already in a horizontal fashion. Only difference is the position of the ones on either sides of the middle selected ones are all the same size, instead of smaller and slightly overlayed like in your sample picture. I'm not against it, but i can't honestly see how we could still fit a film strip (keeping with our movie theater theme), other then maybe having each image be a single slide which wouldn't look good. This is my personal take of course.
Currently, only the home screen and weather screen has a "movie theater" feel IMO. 99% of the skin has a totally different style to it. I think a new home screen to match the style of the 99% of the skin would be fitting.
I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
Is that the skin used on the Roku player then? Looks a bit like Alaska - yeah I like it.

I do know what you mean about how the movie theater look can be pretty much "removed" from most parts of the skin. That's really how I've tried to build it so that it can be customised like this to people's personal preference.

I do like the skin's current home screen and the film strip layout so wouldn't want to abandon that but I'm all for adding options, so I'll have a look at it - something to play around with.
It depends on which views your using actually. Lot's of views DO fit the theater experience, and also depending on if using fanart or not. Using theater curtains for the background, some views have slides in them, etc. The home screen has been a trademark since the beginning.
Edit-Sharpe posted the same time i did. LOL. What he said was what i was meaning about a user being able to customize it (loosing some theater experience depending on if using customized settings, fan art, theater backgrounds, which views.) and could loose some of the theater experience, but seems that's what you are wanting to do. Try switching some of the stuff back on, change some views, have some fun with it. If you don't happen to like the theater experience (everyone is different), wait to see what idea's come up in the future.
Definition of "theatre experience" is on an individual basis.

I use Fanart backgrounds but I remove the countdown/curtain transition and not a fan of movie file borders or the weather background (scene block image).

I think a home screen like the Roku has will fit with the style of all the sub-screens (Library, File, etc) and would be a great addition for those of us that would like a home screen alternative.
I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
I appreciate your views. I bought a Roku from my work and returned it after a couple days. I personally can't stand it. But that's my view also. everything in Back Row (majority) is ALL tailored from community idea's and suggestions (only skin that can say that) and we won't stop now. We will see what idea's come up and go from there. Wink We do currently have a home screen alternative already, also was made from suggestions. Maybe we can tweak it, or add some switches to tailor it more. Not sure how much can be done, so no promises, but glad you use Back Row. We appreciate all user fan base. Wink
I looked for the home screen alternative you mention... I did not see a way to enable it in Settings? Can you point to where it is?

I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
No worries there are 2 options here:

Skin Options\Home\Use Smaller Home Controls = Same Film Strip but smaller

Skin Options\Home\Use Smaller Home Controls + Use Simplified Controls = Simple wrap list bar.

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