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Moviegenres specially for CirrusExtended




As for textured theme, for now I give up. Above I give you anyway 2 textured home menus that you can use, by downloading and copying the one you want in the "media" folder of CE2
Please backup the original horzmenuback.png before overwriting it!

First one:

Second one:
I give you here my work (whole set) on the brushed aluminum where I stopped it. I'm not very convinced by this, but you are free to play with this. Have fun!
EDIT 19/01/12: Version 2 of the buttons was integrated to 2.0.6 release

Here are 2 versions of Global Search Buttons for Home horizontal Menu
EDIT 19/01/12: These 2 themes are now included compressed in official 2.0.x releases

Here is a "new" theme.

Basically it the same as black & orange, but in black & gray

you can download it uncompressed here:

Compressed .xbt files:
butchabay Wrote:Download and extract the 2 Files:

Orange.xbt and Silver.xbt to the skin.cirrus extended v2 Media Folder
Since 2.0.6 brought back function of default backdrop image when no fanart was found instead of plain black (hurrah!), I decided to share mine with you.

I did not make it, I just found it on the net and changed the hue of the background from red to Cirrus-orange.
It really looks cool on every view (and particularly with right list stuff).


The full resolution image can be downloaded here:
First of all, thanks for all the contributions you make to this awesome skin.

I have updated to 2.06 and enabled the moviegenres made by yourself.
My questions are, how can I link a genre to one of your genre icons?
And also how do I link a fanart picture to the genre icon?

To all my general movie nfo's I add "All" as genre, to all my ahem!, Adult movies I add "XXX" to the nfo as a genre, this lets me select All as the genre to see just general movies without the adult movies included.
I see in your pack you have included "porn" and "XXX" icons, I just cant get them to show in the genre list.
I manged to do it on 2.05, but dont seem to be able to do it on this update.

I appreciate any help you could offer

Thanks for your kind words. I did put a huge amount of times and energy making the moviegenres (and other stuff too, but moviegenres in 2 languages were THE nightmare to achieve) so it's always enjoyable to have some thankful feedback from endusers!

"how do I link a fanart picture to the genre icon?"
I don't know if it's possible. If you find the solution let me know I'd be interested in!

"I see in your pack you have included "porn" and "XXX" icons, I just cant get them to show in the genre list."
If it worked under 2.05 and not in 2.06, I guess Butchabay made some changes between versions. Maybe you should ask him. Your way to do seems right, I don't think you made a mistake. As for me I don't know, 2.05 > 2.06 didn't break anything in my genres, all movies get sorted correctly, even when they are multigenres.
I don't have porn on my setup, but I guess you have them all in a directory, directory which is linked to a different scrapper than general movies... so maybe a scrapper issue? Butchabay says sometimes when an update breaks something you have to delete the advancesettings, maybe you should try this? Personally I never had the need to do it.
Sorry not to be able to answer you mate, but I can't find a solution for your problem.

Anyway I don't think this thread is the good one for bugs, because I guess not very much people do read it.
You should have more luck to solve your issue by posting in the general CE2 thread, which is much more interactive than this one.

Best regards
Ok, found how to do it, I was renaming the icons in the wrong location.
Your icon pack are at locations :
C:\Users\****\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons\skin.cirrus extended v2\extras\moviegenresnowall
C:\Program Files (x86)\XBMC\addons\skin.cirrus extended v2\extras\moviegenresnowall

Its the ones in \users that need renaming.
Secondly they moviegenrefanart is in the folder:
C:\Users\****\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons\skin.cirrus extended v2\extras\moviegenrefanart
So you can drop your own fanart in there and call it XXX for example and it will link to the movie genre icon of the same name.

Thanks again.
Thanks for the tip about genre fanarts, I guess I will use them from now!

May the Force be with you
I have found the perfect back videoloop for movies, kinda "corporate" with the defaultmovie background picture I posted earlier, it's awesome!

Better preview and .wmv download here:

Not my link, so I don't know if it's legal and how long it will be valid
New icons for the login panel:


You can download them here:
Set timing of extrafanarts (© Butchabay):

in MyVideoNav.xml line 68

play with System.IdleTime, set it to 5 and see if you like it.

<visible>System.IdleTime(10) + Skin.HasSetting(ExtraFanMovies) + Container.Content(Movies)</visible>
butchabay Wrote:May i ask if you could make a fullscreen icon button for the home menu, like the search button you made time ago? Focused and nofocused? I don't know what kind if simbol, it's your choice Smile i want to put a button on home to go fullscreen, for people that haven't a "TAB" key mapped on remote control.
That would be awesome. Then i have another idea for a new home screen. I'll pm you when i have some mockups. (that means i'll need your help) Smile


Download PNGs here:

Awesome! Thank you ... (that was fast Smile
To avoid the looping scrolling in any videoview: (© keibertz)

Find and change two lines in ViewsVideoXXX.xml to listtype "fixedlist" (instead of "wraplist"/"list") >>

line XX: <control type="fixedlist" id="000">
line XX: <viewtype label="00000">fixedlist</viewtype>

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