Moviegenres specially for CirrusExtended
Hello everybody

I will use this thread to centralize my contributions to CirrusEx (too bad I can't change this thread title)
Not sure it will be useful for you as they are already all in the general CE2 thread, but it will be an organization tool for me!

best regards
EDIT 31/08/11: These were included in official release 2.0.5 of CE2, except for the french moviegenres. So if you're french speaking, download the files below

The final new moviegenres in PNG:

whole sets in french and finally translated in english
Each icon comes in standard but also with "3D" or "HD" overlay

I also made new "watched" and "trailer" overlays, orange virtual keyboard, new "Power" buttons" and some other updates



Download link for "trailer.png" in bigger size, same look but with 150px and 200px width
here is a link to the moviegenres editable sources, in Illustrator CS4 format (10Mb):

EDIT 31/08/11: These were included in official release 2.0.5 of CE2

here are new default icons, whole set.

Just a few samples of them:

Download link:

I also made the calibration crosses orange instead of blue (included in the archive too)
Here is french string for 2.04 & 2.05:

EDIT: Here is french string for 2.07:
Here is below my first attempt for the system tabs background. I tried to make the symbols the most minimalist possible, and put them on an abstract background. Every background had its laser line color edited by 10%, so when you'll navigate the tabs, thanks to the fade effect, the line will slightly change from yellow > orange > red > orange > back in yellow

the pictures have to be copied in the "backgrounds" folder of CirrusEx... Please make a safe copy of the original ones so that you can revert them if you dislike my work


Download link:

Illustrator source files for the symbols + background:
EDIT 31/08/11: These were included in official release 2.0.5 of CE2

2nd version of the system backgrounds, with the black box behind the symbols

Personally I prefer this one


Download link (updated)
EDIT: it was just a dream... after some chats with skilled coders it seems impossible to do (except, maybe, in old XBox setups... mine is getting more and more dusty under the TV for years... I'm too lazy to try on it)

Test for the DefaultFolderBack icon in animated GIF format (the only one that would be animated indeed, as it's the most common one. The other icons should stay stationary)

I don't know if it's a bug or a willing of Butcha, but the volume bar on my setup has always been in the upper right. Or maybe it's because my TV is just HD, not FullHD...

I prefer it centered

For those who would like to change its position, here is the trick (just edit the XXX until you are satisfied):


<window id="104">
<animation effect="slide" start="0,-40" end="0,0" time="100">WindowOpen</animation>
<animation effect="slide" start="0,0" end="0,-40" delay="400" time="100">WindowClose</animation>
<control type="group">
<control type="image">
EDIT 31/08/11: included in official release 2.0.5 of CE2

Another thing I keep manually changing on every new release.
it's a little detail, but well, I like corporate things.

Basically it changes the blue color texts in the Weather/WeatherPlus section into the corporate CirrusEx orange.


<color name="white">FFFFFFFF</color>
<color name="grey">FFb4b4b4</color>
<color name="grey2">88FFFFFF</color>
<color name="grey3">33FFFFFF</color>
<color name="black">FF000000</color>
<color name="blue">FFEB9E17</color>
<color name="selected">FFEB9E17</color>
<color name="dialogheader">DDced8da</color>
<color name="orange">FFB88A00</color>

Cheers for these edits Smile at least now they are all documented in one easy thread as I was worrying what I'd lose (because i couldnt remember all the edits etc that i had made) when I do the next upgrade Nod

Much appreciated and love the icons and work that you have contributed to this skin.

Keep up the good work and I'll keep an eye on this thread as I love what you've done so far Smile
Just a reminder for myself:

to activate debugging you have to edit addons.xml and set debugging from false to true (©Butchabay)
to make the recently added movies section showing a higher number of items than by default:

Create - in the userdata directory - a blank file named advancedsettings.xml

in this file, paste this code (editing the 500 by the number you want):


This file is independant from XBMC and skins. That means you can change skin and normally even update XBMC, as long as you keep this files in userdata its settings will prevail
EDIT 19/01/12: compressed orange theme is now included in official 2.0.x releases

Here is the final black&orange theme.

Download Backgrounds and XML files UPDATED 31/08/11

Download a changelog to see what I have changed in XML files

PNG files must be copied in the CE2's media folder, XML files in the 720p folder (please make safe copies of original files first, in case you want to go back to default theme)
EDIT: Butcha seems to have found a way to release it as XBT (XBMC Theme) However, I'm not sure it can handles XML…
"Light Theme" must be disabled in order to have the black & orange home menu visible.

For now this is the manual way, maybe Butcha will include this in a separate theme in future release, maybe playing a bit with the files.
I am not skilled in code. some movies views don't have background, same for some dialog prompts. Maybe Butcha when he'll have more time can add here and there some of these backgrounds to make the whole consistent
I use XBMC only for movies and TV Shows, so I don't have any idea about how my theme looks with music, pictures, games etc

Finally, here are some screenshots:












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