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Eden: One small issue and a couple of requests
First of all, thanks for the magnificent Conlfuence for Eden builds, it made me come back to Confluence from all the other skins!

The issue I'm having is with the recently added episodes on the home screen, I'm pretty sure this doesn't happen with movies. After adding a new episode, it will not have a thumb, and upon selecting it it doesn't have the blue outline that other recently added episodes have. This only happens with the latest additions (If I add two new episodes with one library scan, both will lack outline and thumb), and I'm not entirely certain as to when the thumb and outline appears again, but I think it happens after I've added new episodes, and they no longer are the newest additions. It also seems to work fine after having watched through the new episode. This doesn't happen with any other skins. I can post a debug log if it's useful, but I can't see exactly what in the log would be useful since it only happens on the home screen.

I'd appreciate any input!

And, two requests: I'd love to be able to see the fanart as background when browsing through recently added on the home screen, similar to the dynamic bakground functionality in Neon and Aeon. In the same alley; seeing the conditional weather fanart as a home screen background to "weather" would be a really nice touch. Essentially the same background behaviour as you'd see when in the weather plugin itself.


Eden: One small issue and a couple of requests00