[PATCH] Hardware deinterlacing for both software and DXVA2 decoded material

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isidrogar Wrote:Anyone more having the same issues? I can't replicate the problem Sad

BTW, are you sure you are not using PS or Software based renderer?

I fixed my problems through trial and error. I was getting stuttering on 59p content but that was because I had deinterlace set to on rather than auto. It was trying to deinterlace the progressive content and cut the frame rate in half to 29, so that is why I was getting stuttering. Set to auto it works fine now. I also turned off pulldown detection in ati CCC as that caused some occasional flickering in 1080i content. I still have to manually set deinterlace to On for some 1080i content because of the 29/59hz bug so that I avoid flickering/stuttering, but thats not really xbmc fault and I'm not sure they could do anything to fix that. Otherwise through trial and error I've found the right combination of settings on both my ati card and xbmc to get everything working perfectly now. Nod

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As written in the other thread, it's not because Windows Media Player is screwed up that XBMC necessarily has to be screwed up. Post a sample and we'll be able to find what's really happening and maybe workaround it.

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