Solution to Resolution Fallback in Windows 7 When HDMI Signal Lost
Is it possible to have EG detect any resolution change? the problem im having is my HTPC is droping down to some funky resolution 1400x900, and i need to push it back up to 1080, or just force it at 1080?
Does anyone know if this same behavior is exhibited in Windows 8? I know that Windows 8 solved an issue with refresh rate being halved for non-fullscreen windows (such as XBMC) on secondary displays. So it's plausible that the resolution fallback issue was solved as well.

I'd switched over to OpenELEC a while ago, so this hasn't been an issue for me recently. Having said that, I think I'm going to have to go back to a proper XBMC release in order to keep the MySQL db in sync, at least for the time being.
thanks for the script, I was able to get this working in eventghost despite never using the program before in my life, so I appreciate the help. It doesn't seem to be perfect however. Now when I use rom collection browser and start a game, it toggles fullscreen through RCB, loads my rom in project64 or what-have-you, and the resolution changes for that. Everything is fine and good until I quit the game and the resolution goes back to 1080p; at that point RCB usually toggles fullscreen back and I'm in xbmc again, but it appears RCB and eventghost are fighting and now when I quit my game and go back to 1080p xbmc is not fullscreen and I have to hit \ to get it back. Is there another toggle I can put in eventghost to catch this and not toggle? I've kept it as-is for now since I turn off my tv or change inputs far more often than I play emulators, but it's still not something I'd like to deal with every time.
Here's a variant of what proposed in the first post.

1) Use VNC to login remotely.
2) Right click desktop and select 'Screen Resolution'. Or goto Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display\Screen Resolution.
3) Click 'Detect'.
4) Select 'Another display not detected'.
5) Set 'Multiple Displays:' to 'Try connect anyway on: VGA'.
5) Select 2nd display, set 'Multiple Displays:' to 'Show desktop only on: 2'
6) Set correct resolution (1080p in my case).
7) Select 1st display, set 'Multiple Displays:' to 'Show desktop only on: 1'
8) Select 2nd Display, click 'Multiple Displays:' select 'Remove this display'.

This behavior is related to Windows 7multi monitor detectection feature. What happens here is when the the HDMI display is lost Win 7 tries the VGA display (1024x768) and then switches back to the HDMI (1080p) display. With the workaround above there will be no resolution changes thus XBMC will stay in full screen.
Johnny - thanks, this is just what I have been looking for. The resolution has been changed when i put my AV receiver into standvy.
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I found this quite old thread, but the solution here is the one and only that seems to work for me.
I had also the problem that Windows changes the resolution if the AVR switches input or goes to standby.
Many other solutions did not work (like block Pin 19 on HDMI connection) or produced other problems.

Because I already use Eventghost to map key bindings between Kodi and PowerDVD it was easy to setup the solution here.
(Also I switch Denon / Marantz AVR on and to the correct input with the help of Eventghost and a network connection to the AVR,
so the AVR is in standby at Windows Boot. )

I had only setup a second Window/fullscreen toggle command in eventghost event, otherwise kodi only switches in window mode.
I'm not sure why, may be because I've a delay at windows start for the kodi autostart to be sure Windows has build up the network connection my NAS....

Many thanks at the OP and all that helped to create this solution. Cool

P.S. For all with the same problem: I'm using this with Windows 8.1 with Kodi 16, and I think it should also work with Windows 10
You can put a piece of tape over the offending pin or get one of these:
This "Pin19" solution didn't helped in my case.
I tried that, but then kodi started with a lower resolution even when windows showed 1080p resolution on desktop.
then you have also to switch to window mode and back to fullscreen in kodi or restart kodi

This solution here is then more elegant because it automates the process. And it is not necessary to block the pin at the hdmi cable
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