[WINDOWS] Hardware recommendation and iMON compatibility
upD8R Wrote:Hi there,

I'm a complete newbie to XBMC but I liked what I saw when I first tried it today Big Grin

I have a rather old HTPC running on Asus M2A-VM HDMI (AMD 690G chipset w/ integrated X1250) and an AMD Athlon64 x2 4200, 2GB RAM.

This system was actually never used as HTPC but more as my former home server just serving Swisscenter for my old Pinnacle SC200.
I recently installed Win 7 Home Premium and tried XBMC for Windows. It looks great, it feels great but the system is not capable of playing FullHD content. SD is no problem at all.

I guess, there is no GPU HW accelaration and the CPU might be too weak.

Now my questions:
I'd like to swap board and CPU to have something which delivers best performance with XBMC. What do you recommend. Noisy fans should be avoided, though.

The system is built into a SilverStone LC16 case which brings an iMON Remote Control. Are there any tips or tutorials how to configure the RC for XBMC?

Thanks for your help!

I use the IMON software and receiver with my Harmony one under windows 7. It's not that tough to setup. Are you planning on using the IMON remote or a universal? Either way, configure it as an "MCE" remote then map the keys.

I think I remember some config files out there you can import into the IMON software that are XBMC specific (maps all the general keys).
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