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Just got XBMC on my iMac and so far I love it. I'm using Aeon Nox at the moment, I installed Aeon MQ2 as well but I much prefer Nox. It has one problem though, in showcase, my preferred view the film covers take a while to load. As you scroll through the covers they flicker before settling on the right one, this doesn't happen in MQ2 I've seen this problem happen to others while searching it but it's hard to search for the right thing. When scrolling fast through the movies (holding down the button) the whole thing messes up completely, both Nox and MQ2.

Is this a fixable problem or just a normal glitch, my computer isn't that slow so i wouldn't have thought that would be the problem. Cheers for any help, if i can fix this then XBMC is pretty much perfect.
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probably best posted in the Aeon Nox sub forum or Aeon in Skins

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