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hitcher I read that you are a postman, if thats true the stuff you are doing is really fantastic, you sir are a genius. cheers i*w.
Thanks, but no need to single me out most of us have 'real jobs'. Wink
Just wanted to tell you that this is a great skin. I started off with Night, then moved to Carmichael (which is also great) and now am onto Xeeboo. The best thing about the skin is that its light and fast and is all about the movies and less on fanart. Thanks!
Begging your pardon for waking up a slumbering thread, but... yeah, what the thread's title says. Absolutely brilliant. Smile It's been about a week now since I gave Boxee the boot and dove head first into XBMC. Gotta say, I'm absolutely loving the XeeBo skin. It's clean, it's familiar, it works. All the things I'd been (im)patiently waiting for the Boxee team to get around to for the past year... here they Just Work.

Now if I could just figure out how to get the navigation sounds to co-exist happily with HDMI audio (a problem I've had since I first took up with Boxee 20 months ago and still can't figure out! I'm sure it's something dumb I'm doing, just can't figure out what!)...
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