Overriding movie selection
On a few movies the wrong information is returned so Wall-E is shown as Walled In - very wrong!
Is there a way to manually select a movie for the libaray?
I have tried ImDB and TheMovieDB.
Ofcourse. Just press "Refresh" from the info screen. If you can think of a better name for it, let us know (technically it does refresh the info but you can also use it to change the info...)
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I have tried the "Manual" option but it kept loading "Walled in".
Evenutally I reduced the search term to "Wall" and it gave me a list of options.
I want to be able to change the categories shown for an entry as well but I assume that will be a feature request so I will have a look at the code or post a request.
You can also add the URL of a movie in an nfo and put it in with the movie and then do a refresh in your case


What do you mean by categories ?
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For the film information, the simplest thing seems to be to widen the search using Refresh->Manual, I can turn to the NFO alternative if need be.
Categories - sorry, maybe I should have said genres. For one film IMDB will show a number of genres but I want customise the genre lists films appear in. I searched the forums and found XWMM which is just what I was after.
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