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Black screen after XBMC starts on AppleTV 1
Already posted this one so don't want to duplicate. But not sure if it's an XBMC issue or related to a skin update?

Haven't updated anything but have been away on a biz trip so not sure if the skin may have updated?

See this post:

Any ideas?

Much thanks.
See my other post for details...but I was able to SSH into the ATV, and change the guisettings.xml file to use CONFLUENCE and I can once against start XBMC. I was able to change back to NIGHT but then XBMC gets stuck on the blank screen when I start XBMC again. I tried renaming the NIGHT folder on the ATV and then unistalling and reinstalling it...same result.

Not sure what to make of this. I've been using NIGHT forever and love it...and doesn't look like any recent updates went out?

Any ideas how to troubleshot this? There is no CrashReporter log and I posted the norm XBMC log on my other post (see above). Don't see anything in the log that stands out.

I'm stuck. Any ideas...anyone?

Black screen after XBMC starts on AppleTV 100