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Most buttons and labels should be self-explanatory, but here is a little overview:
  • You can zoom the shot by hovering or focusing the picture.
  • Above the shot you will see who submitted this nice shot, how often it has already been solved and who solved it first.
  • Under the picture you see the shot's id and release date. You can jump to a specific shot id via the jump button, the "#" down right.
  • In the middle up to five of the languages WTM knows the movie's title in are displayed (You can choose them in the addon settings).
  • In the first button row the four outer buttons are the navigation buttons (First, Previous, Next and Last).
  • The three middle ones are "Back" - this will jump to the last seen shot, "Guess"- the main button to type a guess, and of course the "Random"-button.
  • The two buttons down left are the "Favourite"- and "Bookmark"-buttons. You will make the uploader happy if you favourite their shots. Bookmarking is for just not forgetting this one :-)
  • Down to the right is the "show solution" button (active for shots from "The Archive") and the jump button.
  • Down center you can see the amount of votes, the rating bar and the overall-rating/your-rating label.



You can define your own hotkeys for most of the frequently used functions (default keys in brackets):
  • Guess (context key)
  • Random (play)
  • Back (rewind)
  • Next Shot (page down)
  • Previos Shot (page up)
  • Jump to given shot id (show info)
  • Bookmark this shot (home)
  • Favourite this shot (end)
  • You can rate the shot with the number keys, 1 => 1, ..., 9 => 9, 0 => 10 (higher is better)

Here a list of the main addon features:
  • Log in with your whatthemovie.com account
  • Solve, favourite, bookmark, and rate shots
  • Show the next, next unsolved, and next random shot
  • Instantly go back to the last shot shown
  • Zoom the snapshot
  • Rate with number keys: 1 to 10 (0=>10 points)
  • Set random and navigation options
  • Automatically jump to the next or random-next shot if your guess was right
  • Select five languages to see if WTM knows the movie title in this languages
  • Set hotkeys for the functions: guess, random, back, next, previous, jump, bookmark, favourite and solve
  • Costomize the look - you can configure the visibility of shot properties: posted by, solved, id, date, flags, tool and navigation buttons

Currently the addon is translated into English and German (updates and more languages are welcome)

Permission, support and donations
We have the permission to publish this addon and the WTM crew is indeed very happy with this addon :-)


If you like this addon please think about becoming a "WTM Supporter" (see here).

Of course you are also invited to help with improving the content of whatthemovie.com by rating shots and uploading new shots (please read the 5 golden rules of uploading first).

Donations to the XBMC project are also appreciated.


If you have any bug reports, feature requests or something similar: please use our issue page or this XBMC forum thread - think twice before bothering the whatthemovie.com support team.

Future plans
Here are some features which we are planning to implement for the next versions:
  • Multithreaded background scraping of shots (much faster, already in work)
  • Switch from mechanize to plain urllib2
  • Multishot-view (like "The Vault" and "New Submissions")
  • See and navigate through your bookmarked and favourited Shots
  • Read and write shouts (comments) to shots
  • Display a shot's tags

  • Main programming of api and gui: sphere
  • Idea and design: skiller2k1
  • A bit of everything: tadi

Many thanks to all pre-release testers, translators and all those who helped. Special thanks go to the whatthemovie.com and XBMC teams!

Please note:

This addon is only a client application for the site whatthemovie.com. The addon is not a standalone game and we are not the inventor of this game. Usually this is a browser game, but with this fancy client-addon you can play it from within XBMC Smile

Learn more about whatthemovie.com itself:

http://whatthemovie.com/page/about_wtm (English)
http://devatrox.de/what-the-movie/ (German)
http://whatthemovie.com/page/help#faq (FAQ, English)

If you have any other questions, just ask us. We are happy to help!

sphere, skiller2k1 and tadi
My GitHub. My Add-ons:

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