XMBC freeze in exit
Hi, I have XBMC installed on my 64bit archlinux system and everytime I want to exit it, it entirely freezes and I have to kill it from system monitor (it happens every time so now I run it in windowed mode so I wont have to restart comp every time I test something).

program isnt laggy or anything while Im at it, its just when I exit that it totally freezes, I have no idea how to proceed troubleshooting this.

A little more info:

-using nouveau drivers
-XBMC 10.1
-installed via arch package manager (pacman)

Complete log here:
I have a similar problem. I thought it was compiz, but I'm not sure. Anyone else has an idea?

Running XBMC 11 pre. on Ubuntu 11.04
Well I dont think its compiz because my arch installation is running on KDE4, so no compiz at all.
Please turn on debug logging and post another log.
is been doing that since todays builds after libboost i had freezes on reboot so I guess not same issue, Im on ubuntu 10.04
here is the new log with debugging enabled


thanks for the help!

having exactly the same problem.

Running xbmc 10.1 on Archlinux x86_64 from gnome3.

My Log looks quite like the one already posted. Last line says:
NOTICE: stop python

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards
Just installed Fedora 15, using same version xbmc. Same problem.

Didn't have this problem for F14, though, unless the version in the repositories is fairly new (just over a month?).

let try exit program using ALT+F4
Hi there,

alt + f4 leads to the exact same effect (as does clicking on "X" in window-modes).

Kind Regards
Is this a bug? Has anyone submitted it?

FWIW, this goes into a bad state: one needs to kill it (sigkill) rather than just terminate it (sigterm).

Hi, I am having the same issue here.

Using 64 bit, intel video, just have core Arch system with X, GDM and XBMC 10.1-3

Doesn't matter what option I select (Shutdown, Reboot, Exit, Suspend, Hibernate) XBMC just freezes. I very rarely get a crash log at all. On the 1 or 2 occassions it has actually generated, the last line is "stop python".

Besides this, XBMC is working just fine (only audio podcatcher plugin refuses to play any podcasts - lists podcast titles but will not go any further)

Seems odd, my previous install worked perfectly (both podcaster and shutdown). I don't remember which version of XBMC (assuming 10.1-2) as my old media box (8 year old pentium) finally gave up the ghost, so I built a new box just 1 week ago and started from scratch.

If I switch to a console and pkill X, I am suddenly returned to GDM and all is well again (I am able to restart/shutdown from a user console session and GDM, so it is not user permissions or a session issue).

This is rather painful, as this is set up as a media box connected to my NAS and TV, controlled by IR Remote. I really do not wish to have a keyboard attached to shutdown......grrrr.....

Anyone with any ideas, greatly appreciated.

Very interesting that it only happens on arch.
Big Grin 
bobo1on1 Wrote:Very interesting that it only happens on arch.

er not quite

X3lectric Wrote:is been doing that since todays builds after libboost i had freezes on reboot so I guess not same issue, Im on ubuntu 10.04
I did a clean install of 10.1 today and it also freezes on Shutdown/Exit. I have to use Task Manager to kill the 100% CPU process of XBMC.
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