Where is Music controls?

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keithn Offline
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Hi, using win 7, and got xbmc and neon skin.

Love all this xbmc stuff, new user too.

Anyhow when playing music through neon skin. through Music menu, where are music controls?
nothing on screen. Am I missing something?

is there also a random function, so it can play tracks randomly from albums, genre, artists etc?
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michaelxtc Offline
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All I do is just press Tab to go to the now playing screen then access the audio controls (press enter) from there.

Party mode does that I think.
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ckling Offline
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This has been driving me crazy too!

The music controls don't appear on any screen except the visualization screen - after hitting Tab. Hitting 'm' on any other screen just dims the top of the screen but no controls are shown.
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buges Offline
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Had this bug awhile back see my post http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=101472
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stoli Offline
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You may want to consider updating to a nightly build of xbmc and then the SVN version of the skin. You will find a lot of new features and bug fixes.

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