[gv]EM - An Episodes Manager for EasyNews users
New version :

The main new feature is the ability to move your newly downloaded TV show to the appropriate folder. This can be done either by a click of a button or automatically if you let [gv]EM monitor your Download Folder.

Sadly do to some change to the Library and Settings scructure, you will have to rebuild your collection.



Yes, [gv]EM is another episodes manager, but it is designed to work with EasyNews. This is a work in progress, but this version is stable enough to share with the community.

Basically, this software will allow you to scan all your TV shows and then will be able to tell you which episodes you are missings and generate download link for EasyNews. It will also show you any episode that you could have in double as well as the scheduled date for your next episodes. This can be a great tools even if you dont use EasyNews.

Future version will include (hopefully) automatic downloading and support for third party software.

Meanwhile, you can download the Windows binary here : http://www.mediafire.com/?f3tp6wqme74cdb5

Remember, this version is a beta version and can still have some bugs.

Your files need to be organized in this way : each TV show need to be in its own specific folder (can be subdivided in multiple subfolder though) and each file must use the SxxEyy (ex S01E01) naming convention.

\\RootFolder\TV Show 1\episode S01E01.avi
\\RootFolder\TV Show 1\Season 1\episode S01E01.avi

To use it, simply to go Settings -> General and enter your root folder where all your TV Shows directory are. Then Save and click on the Scan for New Shows button. It will automatically detect your show based on the folder. If an exact match isnt found, it will propose the closest matches.

Again, I made this software to cover my own needs, but I share this today hoping that it can be usefull to someone else.
New version. The post have been updated to include the latest feature and download link.
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