Add support for smil files

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These smil files are some xml's containing stream info, i've seen them being used with Wowza Media Server 2, can contain multiple streams, for example this smil contains different streams for a radio station, only one stream is active for a few minutes, after that it stops and another is enabled, this probably to make it hard to get a direct link to the stream.
    <head origin="rtmp://">
        <meta base="rtmp://">
            <cluster base="rtmp://" priority="1" />
            <cluster base="rtmp://" priority="2" />
            <cluster base="rtmp://" priority="3" />
            <video src="" system-bitrate="128000" width="640" dur="indefinite" />

I've tried putting all these streams in a playlist but when xbmc find a dead link it just stops to play.
for example a link to one stream should look like that
rtmp:// swfUrl=  pageUrl=
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