A few feature requests
Just installed the Android remote and it is actually very cool. A few smaller suggestions:

1) Would it be possible to sort movies by year and recently added and tv shows by recently added?
2) Would it be possible to cache all movie and tvshow related information (incl details) to be able to take away the library when not in reach of xbmc
3) Possible to add musicvideos as own category?

And long-term, everyone is of course waiting for streaming and download to Android device. Have seen both functions on the roadmap, which is fantastic to know!!!
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I would like to second this request!

But this thread has seen no activity for almost a year, so I'll search around for a bit for a thread that may already have the developers discussing on it.
Let's hope freezy gets some time - I know with changes to the databases lately TV shows are broken now.
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#2 would be SO great!
Could work as follows: As long as the app doesn't have a connection to XBMC, you have a menu entry like "cached movie library".
To fill this "cache" one could have a menu entry just like "Download Covers" but saying "Cache Movies/TV Shows" that erases old caches and downloads all movie information (including covers) to the device.
Once a connection to XBMC is established, this menu entry could be hidden, as one would have direct access.

The same maybe for TV Shows, but movies would bei my main preference.

Would be awesome, if that's possible to add! Anyway thank you freezy for that neat piece of software - checked the sources and it's amazing how much work already lies in it!
I would love to see a music video category as well... great app .. thanks for the hard work
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