How do i update the neon skin???
Hello my NEON-skin friends

First of, i LOVE this skin. It is really awesome.
Second I have 2 question:

1. How do i know that i have the latest updated skin?? Or how do i update it??

2. When i added the new episodes of Futurama it didn´t find them. What shall i do so it can find them?? Must i change the scraper??

Thanks for everything.
If you are using a nightly build of XBMC, then your best bet is to install the Passion Repo and download the skin from there. Info on 3rd party repos can be found here:

If you are using the official release from, you will just have to wait until I update the 10.1 build, hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

As for Futurama, the key with all tv shows is to ensure the files are named correctly, showname.sXXeYY.whatever.ext where XX is the Season and YY is the episode. Having said that, I just checked site and there look to be issues with Season 7 of Futurama...
Hi stoli

Great skin, love it

Sorry to bother you with these questions but how do i install the Passion RepoHuh
I found it but where should i put itHuh And i got the skin from there 2, and where should i put thatHuh
I don't want to sound like a dick, but there are step by step instructions on that page I linked above.... Huh
Man i am so sorry hahaha. I wasted your time. Thanks for the link anyways and keep up the good work on Neon.

Hello stoli again
I checked the about Futurama and the new episodes is for season 6, episode 14, 15 and 16 are there. All the information.
But when i make a search it can´t find them in my library. It has found all my other tv-shows.
Thank you
Even though this isn't a skin question.... What are your filenames for the episodes that won't scan
PanMan79 Wrote:Futurama.s06.e14.720p.HDTV.X264-groupname

I think removing the "." between your "s06" and "e14" will do the trick.
Ok zoso i will try that when i get home from work.
Thanks everybody
Just wanted to add that I installed the repository app & went over to passion to get latest SVN of Neon, but it is listed as broken =(
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Are you running a nightly xbmc build or 10.1? If you are using the svn version of the skin it requires a nightly...
yes, nightly
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Don't know then. Grab it from git - (I think that's right)
stoli Wrote:Don't know then. Grab it from git - (I think that's right)

I don't know why, but it has been listed as broken in the passion repository for a while now, even though you can manually download it from passion and install it with no problem.

While it is great that the skin works, it is a pain to have to manually download it when I would like to update the skin.

Do you think PM'ing ppic (I think he is the admin of passion) would help resolve the issue?
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How do i update the neon skin???00