More movies on Recently Added
I was wondering if it was possible to have move movies showing when using the recently added view. I like the large wall icons view and the screen in only partially filled.
You can alter that in the xbmc advancedsettings.xml within the userdata folder.

Add this line to the <videolibrary> tag controls like below:

<recentlyaddeditems>108</recentlyaddeditems> <!-- number of recently added items. Defaults to 25 -->

108 should equal 3 pages in that view.
I ened up setting it to 35. 1 full page.

Need a bit of help here,
I created the advancedsettings.xml but when i open it its empty.
What steps do have to follow to create it so i can end up doing what ijourneaux has done.

Many Thx!!!
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