Mysterious error
Quote:traceback (most recent call last):
file "q:\scripts\bloglines\", line 50 in?
from pybloglines import *
systemerror: null result without error in pyobject_call

my buddy keeps getting this error on my bloglines script. it works on all my xboxs and assumably yours... but on his it just wont work. every other script works, but this one.

can anyone detail this error?
haven't really got a clue, but why the . between the lib and "import"? typing error? wouldn't produce that result anyways, but a syntax error i believe.

i haven't tested your script myself (looks very nice btw), but make sure your friend got a proper install of xbmc (especially the python part) and that other scripts are working. you could also try to do a "from string import *" import instead, but i am not sure how that would work out as you import string in the other .py as well. guess i have a lot left to learn Wink

good luck administrator
i changed my code up top, the . in it was an error..

this was not in my actual script just my code up top, i am still having a problem.. can anyone help out on what is wrong?
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