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Partially Stable Nightlies
I was thinking with nightlies coming out everyday where some are much more stable then others. If it is possible to say that once a week, out of the last 7 builds the most stable would be chosen as a "suggested nightly download". This would encourage more people to try nightlies and find bugs faster but also encourage add on developers to push their programs to be pre-eden compatible.

Just a thought

Nightlies are just built from the most current code at that very moment. Given that, it really isn't even possible to say what nightly build each week would be most stable. A stable build takes time to be tested.
In Linux ubuntu theres some serious packaging issues, which cause all sorts of trouble depending on distro even though I found some workarounds and for that had to push my own build to one of my ppa's. (though Im not any sort of packinging expert I just take stabs in the dark)

Keeping to Linux there is no need to compile every night or push to ppa, if there are no relevant Linux changes.

Also nothing changes but the actual xbmc-bin, some system files and the skin, packages like xbmc-live xbmc-standalone remain unchanged. For this reason its why there are compile instructions and even good compile guides (see my signature) & here

For other platforms I believe there's are nightlies precompiled for Windows, Im not sure about other platforms since I dont use them.

Also to clarify there is no real thing like a stable, the builds are pick and tagged stable, this does not preclude bugs from existing, even serious bugs. But it does work.

The risk of the Compiling bleeding edge and using bleeding edge is that it becomes rather more difficult to guarantee that some commit didnt bugger it up or even breaks the builds on specific platforms.

If your so keen on testing recent code Im afraid the best choice is to compile, though I am 100% sure that word compile scares the shit out of most people. Especially in Linux.

Hope this is a clear up some factoids post.


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