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Problem with Alaska Revisited and SMB Shares

first thanks for this amazing skin Smile

Since i've a heterogeneous setup (linux xbmc + windows xbmc + windows home server) i'm using SMB for network shares.

The "problem" or minor issue is that when i'm adding a source on the linux xbmc system the request to insert username and password appears but it isn't (good) visible because somehow the graphics are displayed in background while navigation works.

It would be great if this could be fixed.
Screen shot?
Thanks for your reply and sorry for my late answer.

Here is the screenshot.
I can't test it myself so could you edit line 12 of DialogMediaSource.xml to this please -

PHP Code:
<animation type="Conditional" condition="Window.IsActive(locksettings) | Window.IsActive(contentsettings)"

and let me know.


i've changed the file but there seems to be no effect.

Furthermore i noticed that also another dialogue has a problem.
Looks like you're using Alaska Revisited Mod then because this has been fixed for Alaska Revisited from my repo.
Yeah that's right. Haven't thought about the possibility that there is a difference (since Alaska revisited without Mod isn't in the official repo)

Problem with Alaska Revisited and SMB Shares00