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Request: Movie View Mod
The Night skin is by far my favorite, but I am not very good at modding viewtypes and was hoping someone would be kind enough to create one. I have only found one skin that has something similar, and thats the new Cirrus one. But the way it is done is still not quite what I am looking for, and I prefer Night for everything else anyway.

So, here is a paint mockup of what I am looking for. Basically the main movie poster would be fairly large, but the others would be very small, so that more fanart can be seen. I hope the diagram does it justice. Nothing too fancy, I would just like to be able to have a large movie poster, but also showcase the fanart. Thanks for any help!

I love that layout looks very nice. I think that would look excellent in night and goes with is theme well. I would help but I wouldn't even know where to start. Hope someone makes it though.
You can take the xml file from the skin cirrus extended, is named "BigPosterView.xml".
Thanks for the tip.

I tried this, but I can't seem to get Night to recognize it as a view option. I added the name of the xml to the includes.xml list also, but I am not sure what to do beyond that when trying to add this type.

Also, the Cirrus view, while similar, is not quite what I am looking for, as the posters in general are too big still. I bet with some tweaking and playing around I may be able to fix that on my own, but any insight into how to add this view would help. Thanks!
Also you need to include the new view in myvideonav.xml and look at the id of the view, it must be unique. Happy modding !

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