Scraper GetSearchResults results sorting changed?
Recently I registered some weird results of my anime library ( scraper) updates. Some of new shows was scraped completely wrong even they have exact same name like on site. I did some testing with manual scraping on show named 'Air' where I expected to get exact match as top choice but it wasn't. Of course automatic scraping then select completely wrong series. Was there any changes to this sorting recently? Month ago (approx) it was working fine.

EDIT: I did bit more investigation and looks like this problem happen only with directories named like 'Air [720p-BR]', when it's named only 'Air' everything works fine. Of course '[720p-BR]' is removed by clearstrings so to scraper search goes only 'Air' as expected. Unortunatelly I found in sources that for sorting whole directotory name, not cleared one, is used. Is it really intended? Doesn't sound right to me Sad
I checked pre-scraper abstraction code and there was used cleared string for matching, so I consider this as bug in refactored code.

Made ticket #11714.
Thanks - it would be good if you indicated in the trac report where in the code it was dropped to save some time Smile
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vdrfan was faster, already fixed and closed Smile
Jep, this one was pretty obvious Wink Especially because I've touched the code right before the scraper abstraction merge went in.
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Scraper GetSearchResults results sorting changed?0
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