Unable to play songs using the web interface
Hi there,

I have a problem when trying to play a song or album using the Web Interface. It seems that the web interface ( I tried all available interfaces) will simply not send the appropriate JSON command.
Good example caputred when clicking on a song in the web interface usgin older version Dharma:

{ "jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "XBMC.Play", "params": {"songid": 258}, "id": 1 }

When trying with PRE-11.0 GIT it checks for ative players?:

{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "Player.GetActivePlayers", "id": 1}

I think it might be related to recent JSON changes but not sure. It was running fine on older version and to me this seems to be something very basic.
BTW play, pause next buttons do work fine when a song has been choosen on xbmc itself.

Any inputs here?

System setup is Ubuntu
Firefox 5.0

yes, this is most likely due to recent JSON changes.
Fair enough, but any way to get this working again? :-)
I have also noticed that in some webinterfaces such as wtouch png's of album covers are not uploaded.
Worst case for me would be using some older version of XBMC. What version would that be?

just submited a fix some days ago Wink
nice! This is for the default web interface only I guess?
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Unable to play songs using the web interface00