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Help with MC360

After a longest time without using my xbox, i decided to retake the control Nod i downloated the last XBMC for xbox that is 3.0.1 and downloaded 3 skins: Ellipsis Laugh, Xperience Wink and MC360.

After i FTP all to the xbox and start XBMC i actualized first the skins, then i want to put first the MC360 but have a little problem... The tabs doesn't show and only show a black background and show the letters...Huh

i downloaded the skin from here: http://xboxmediacenter.svn.sourceforge.n...ter/MC360/
where say "Download GNU tarball"

The same history with Xperience 1.1 but it have differents problems
where say "Download GNU tarball"

show the backgrounds and letters but doesn't show the background of the menus, for example is like a "transparence" was added Angry.

Can anyone help me? :o
Please someone help him. I have the same issue! What can we do to make the mc360 actually show the panes and colors rather than being text on a solid black page? I too downloaded 3.0.1 and the newest version of the mc360.
your probably better of asking in since we don't make use or support the xbox version anymore
but at a guess its because xbox uses textures.xpr everything else uses textures.xbt

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