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Apologies but I'm stumped ! Album tracks not in order
I have read a few threads on here with regard to album track listings, with these (like mine) done on an alphabetical basis, and not reflecting the actual album running order.

I have tried to amend the 'track naming template' - no joy
Also tried to amend the 'sort by' - again with no success

I am running XBMC v10.1 on a mac, with library from Itunes. Main reason for using XBMC is to stream to my music via UPnP to a Nextwave 360 unit. There is no problem aside from the fact that all albums played on the Nextwave are in alphabetical order. Annoying to say the least, especially I am a little unsure on IT issues and I've spent to best part of the day trying to resolve this. Oh well.

Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction and perhaps explain in plain English what I can do to solve the problem ?

Any suggestions will be gratefully received !
The XBMC uPnP server sorts tracks alphabetically, and there isn't a way to change this. This has been the cause of much wailing and gnashing of teeth, but so far to little avail. The only solution is to use a different uPnP server.

Thanks JR

Could you suggest any alternatives ?

The Orb,, seems to enjoy a good reputation.


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Apologies but I'm stumped ! Album tracks not in order00