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[WIP] skin.touched (touch screen skin currently iPad 4x3)
Do not install or use this skin unless you have either touch screen or a mouse connected or you will lose navigation and have to manually change to another


NEW VERSION! (24th July 2011)

Obvious changes in this version are
* Redesign of the home screen http://img560.imageshack.us/img560/2095/...ot019a.png

*Added a few Meta Data views to the video library which are ironically faster because less images to load on the screen
(the look better on the iPad than in the screen shots)

* Added a battery level indicator to the top right of all the main windows (this needs an iOS build greater than 18th July or it will always show 0%)

* Brightened up the background a little


I have also uploaded a nicer weather icon pack to my site that I recommend people use I got the original from here http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=50196 so all credit to Bob___ for making it

just copy it over and replace the same zip in /private/var/stash/Applications.CHXuVl/XBMC.app/XBMCData/XBMCHome/media while xbmc is not running


And here we go very much ahead of the "In a couple of weeks" schedule that I promised is the first Alpha release of the skin for people to test

Bare in mind that only the main things people would use in day to day use are done (and even then maybe not) if you plan on doing other things like setting up sources making play lists and other sort of things do it in confluence then switch back.

Nothing is final
* I don't really want to hear anything bad about Looks or bugs in things that are obviously not finished if you
* I do want to hear about usability issues in stuff that looks like I have skinned it


* Make sure you are using a iOS from here dated 11-Jul-2011 or newer [AppleTV2/iOS] Unofficial semi-nightly build FAQ/info/issues older versions of XBMC will not work!

* Technically gestures should also work on windows 7 with a recent git master build of xbmc but its not tested so use at own risk

* LINUX IS NOT SUPPORTED. Linux does not have the gesture API hooked up yet so you wont be able to navigate around your media with a touch screen its currently iOS and windows 7 only

* I suggest adding this to your advancedsetting.xml and starting with a fresh userdata dir XBMC's default is 512 and a 256 will make your thumbs load much quicker when scrolling and they never get displayed that big int he skin anyway see here http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=Advancedsett...umbsize.3E
PHP Code:


Ok here's a updated version not a lot has changed in the main windows just a few minor texture tweaking, but more of the sub windows/dialogs are done now you can do things like

Browse for install and configure addons
[Image: screenshot013x.th.png] [Image: screenshot014d.th.png]

Add new shares and set content type
[Image: screenshot015w.th.png] [Image: screenshot017ck.th.png]

Browse around for images and shares
[Image: screenshot016tc.th.png]
wow... That looks great. It's amazingly clean. Makes me wish I had something to make use of it.

I epecially like the HTC like clock Wink
[Image: watched-fanart.jpg]
This is fantastic. I have been a fan of xbmc for a long time and recently got it on the iPad. The themes are a bit of a pain to use sometimes because, although the interface works ok, it isn't intuitive enough to use comfortably on the iPad. I love the work you're doing, the screen shots are fantastic, please don't give up on this project, because once published, you will be hailed, haha. Be sure to email xbmc creators on cydia store in order to have your name mentioned of you are the first one to finish a gesture driven skin.

Many thanks for the work you have already done and are hopefully going to continue doing,
LOL I am on the XBMC team so my name would be mentioned by default whenever they say TeamXBMC

BTW just for kicks I will probably release a pre alpha version within a few weeks that will be usable not nowhere near finshed
Great job!

Are you open to suggestions or do you consider design pretty much finalized?
My skins:


Guess it depends on what and how major Smile , but for now I'm trying to keep t simple small and fast so no fanart or huge posters (its 4mb big right now) after that I might use it as a base for other skins

BTW keep in mind this is not just for iPad its going to work on many other things so I'm not going for 100% iOS look that I started with
This looks fantastic, thanks for putting in the work. I'm looking forward to giving it a go when you release it.
Wow looking good!!

Nice and clean, reminds me a lot of slik. This might be a good excuse for me to get an ipad hehehe

Keep up the good work!
Jezz_X Wrote:BTW keep in mind this is not just for iPad its going to work on many other things so I'm not going for 100% iOS look that I started with

Good to know because it's looking great already.
Oh and for the curious here is the current status

Its about 20% done it may look like more but about 60% of a skin is probably accessed about 5% of peoples time (all the many dialogs like "add source")

When I get to about 40% done (Basically everything a user would come into contact with on a day to day basis) I will release the pre alpha version for people to play with

ans Like a said in the first post I expect that to take me about 2 weeks (but don't quote me on it)

And yeah loggio its kind of a cross between Slik and PM3.HD with some other new stuff thrown in. The key here was keep it real small file size like SLik and keep it Dark like PM3.HD because the less bright colors you have the on the screen the better the battery life will be because the screen sucks less juice

P.S thanks for the comments so far guys
This is so beautiful and sexy! Are you using an iPad1 or 2 in the video, because on my iPad (1) XBMC is nowhere near as smooth? Or would it just be that your skin works way better?
iPad 1 and maybe also have an advanced setting to cache the thumbs at 256 pixels instead of the default 512 so thumbs load a little quicker
Will the skin only be compatible with the ipad? I've a car PC that i'd love to run xbmc on but the touch screen support is lacking, I'm guessing the gesture support is an apple api and not part of the standard xbmc code?
Jezz_X clearly stated it's not going to be an only iPad skin, so it will work for different touchscreen based devices.

@Jezz_X Looks really neat and simple to use so far. Really looking foward to get my hands on it now that you hyped us up!.. Will there be a swipe enabled progress bar as well? If so this is going to be nasty, give us a preprepre alpha! ahah Smile Jokes apart, keep up the good work!
tungmeister Wrote:Will the skin only be compatible with the ipad? I've a car PC that i'd love to run xbmc on but the touch screen support is lacking, I'm guessing the gesture support is an apple api and not part of the standard xbmc code?

It will work on any xbmc but as far as I know only iOS and windows 7 have gesture support so far that side is not a skin thing
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