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Some Newcomer Quetions
first of all I'd like to say, the Neon skin is really awesome! Nod (And I like the smilies)

I just started using XBMC, and I'm planning on getting an HTPC and LCD TV, at the moment I'm just running it on my PC.
So I got a few noob questions for you all:

I run XBMC 10.1Git:8d172e1 with some PVR patch and the Neon SVN version 1309629659.
Do I need to have the latest XBMC nightly builds for the latest SVN version of Neon or is 10.1 recent enough?
Since it wouldn't make much sense to tell you about bugs I notice if they are gone in newer versions of XBMC...

If I need to run the nightly builds, can they be used reasonably, or are there more bugs than features?

Thanks in advance for your responses,
You should be good to go with the versions you mentioned.
Great, thanks for the fast reply.

After the update from the Neon version in the official XBMC repo, some things are broken for me, could you give me any hint on how to fix them?
Those are:
  • No pics on recently added items, movies as well as albums and series episodes.
  • Also the option Last added from the Movies or TV Shows submenu sometimes work and sometimes don't.
  • When I open the Videos view from Home, I only get a black screen. The Movies, HD Movies and TV Shows views do work.

I did some tweaks of the layout for the Info dialogs, you can look at them if you like (


Edit: another question ^^
Can I somehow automatically update Neon from git or do I need to do that manually?
Install the Passion Repo (there are several posts on this in the Neon forum) and then install the skin from there. That will keep it in synch with my git repository within ~24hrs and should also address the issues you are seeing.
OK I just updated from the Passion repo this morning, but there are still some things.
I created some patches, but I don't want to step on your toes stoli, so if my changes are not appreciated just say so!

The issues with the new movies and new episodes pictures missing on the home screen still remains for me though...
I also can't seem to find my video file sources as I only get a black screen if I choose Video from the home menu, I suppose that's not the case for others?


After switching to some other skins and back to Neon the pictures for new movies and episodes on the home screen are now back.
I also found out that, no matter what skin I try, I can't find my file lists at all, so that's definitely not a Neon specific issue.
I saw that you were on the PVR branch but thought it was the nightly - that would explain the blank movies and issues with the Video menu. If I have a chance I'll take a look at the diff files - care to give a quick summary of the changes?
So should I switch to the nightly, or is that risky business?

The changes are in the Video Info Dialog:
The actor image of movies was too big and covered the file flags, also the actor list was too big and too far on the right, colliding with the movie poster.
Also the plot of TV shows is now on the full width of the screen.

In the Live TV view:
The plot and title labels below the picture were too far on the right.

In the showcase view:
The labels for Director, Writer, etc. were too big not showing ellipsis on long text. They were also a little small for my taste.

Thanks, Pezo
Since you are using the pvr builds, try the ones from magro, they are based on the nightlies and seem pretty stable.
Good news, I updated to the new version and I got my Files back, everything works nice so far.
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