[Help]TV Guide problem?

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The skin is awesome and exactly what I was looking for with XBMC. Have a roommate who is much less adept with computers and I refuse to give up my nicely built, well groomed HTPC for a cable box and a monthly bill so this has the ease of accessibility to bridge that gap. Kudos on a great skin.

First and foremost, the main reason I registered and came here; I can't get the TV Guide to work completely. It works.. 2/3rds of the way. It automatically updates, displays logos on the main TV Guide screen and when I select a specific show it pulls up the appropriate information. It's the "in between" highlight that yields a "No Logo Found" blurb. Screen shots below. I use the TV Logo Downloader it works fine and I use defaults settings otherwise. I have tried reinstalling everything from the Logo Downloader and Next TV Show Aired addons to the Simplicity Skin. I feel I'm missing something real easy. I have searched on the forums and read all the threads I could find related. This applies to every show, not just House.

[Image: tvguide1.png]

Me highlighting "Monday" for "House" and it not working:
[Image: tvguide2.png]

Selecting House, working:
[Image: tvguide3.png]

Image of my folder with all appropriately named images:
[Image: folder1w.png]

Also is there a method to adding a DVD / Disc drive / Play Disc home screen button in Simplicity? I'm not seeing one, but I won't lie I could be looking right at it and stupidly missing it. Right now I'm using "automatically play DVD" and just opening and closing the tray when I want to watch it again.
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You have no folder.tbn.
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Excellent, knew it was something simple I was overlooking. Didn't realize XBMC checked for a different file extension before looking at .jpg. From what I've been reading though, wouldn't it default to a folder.jpg once a .tbn wasn't found? Also, are tbn's scraped specifically for XBMC or are they a customization option I need to add manually?

I realize this is no longer a skin problem, but the help would still be appreciated.
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