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Google Music beta

I am suggesting a music plug in for the Music service from Google.
As you probably know its in invite only phase now and invite only.

Im new to python but I am willing to give this a shot.
Any ideas?

So here we need a login feature. Probably the same as the Gmail checker program, or similar plug-ins.

It contains of.

My Library
- submenu --> Songs

- submenu--> Thumbs up
Recently added
Fres songs

Instant mixes

And playlists at the bottom. So here we need make it possible to create New Playlists and the option to add every individual track to the the different playlists.
It looks like this when your logged in:


And this is the android app

I hope someone want to take the initiative on this.
Or at least look at it to see if its possible.
Please PM me.
I'm also a Google Music user, but AFAIK (and a quick google search shows) there has been no API released for Google Music.
That will make things difficult...
XBMC.MyLibrary (add anything to the library)
ForTheLibrary (Argus TV & XBMC Library PVR Integration)
SageTV & XBMC PVR Integration
So it's not possible to support Google Music in XBMC?
there are apps available for the iphone and android to play google music. i take it you dont need an api for those devices? why does it work on them and not xbmc?
He didn't say impossible, just difficult. It's a game of "guess the format." If they don't provide an api, you have to dig through logs and fight through their security.

From the page that bradvido88 linked to, it looks like someone was kind enough to do a lot of the work already and open source it, with examples:

Two hurdles to over come:
1. This isn't official so it could break at any time
2. It was tested on python 2.7 so it may require some back-porting to make it compatible with python 2.4 (the lowest version used by XBMC)

Google Music beta00