Usenet Server Recommendations

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Trace route means jack @(*#.

If you live in the US and have 'decent' cable <15Mb connection. It really doesn't matter what you get.

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Any of the main providers should max out your connection no matter where you are, why don't you just sign up for a month if your uncertain ?

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I'm in the UK. Just did a speed test and it said my download was 12mbps.

Do you guys think i should buy a 180gb block to test the speeds or just go for the year deal?
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craigd Wrote:I'm in UK and using newshosting. $15 per month, unlimited bandwidth, 1062 days retention and SSL security.

I've been a member for years and never had a problem and rarely get incomplete files, they also are a couchpotato referer now which is nice.

I use Newshosting to, the thing I love the most is the completion we don't get any broken downloads - it really show they care and want to see the Usenet grow Smile
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I've purchased a account and I'm really upset. They claim more than 1000 days data retention and 99% completion but until now everything older than 600 days has failed due to corrupt non reparable downloads.

Do you think I should have better luck with astranews or giganews?
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aoaaron Wrote:I'm in the UK. Just did a speed test and it said my download was 12mbps.

Do you guys think i should buy a 180gb block to test the speeds or just go for the year deal?

When you're surfing the web and you download a big file. It downlpads and speeds up to your max download speed. Whatever that speed reaches is the speed the usenet will reach and stay at that speed. No waiting for connections like torrents. Just pure download speed!

If you're that worried about spending a few $ on usenet get the smallest one and give it a go. You've got 4 pages of recommendations. You've had zero negatives. Grab your balls with your left hand and your mouse with the other and buy one! Get downloading!!

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Take this discussion elsewhere please, don't really see the need to discuss this here and me scimming the thread for hidden advertisement posts.

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