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[iPad] XBMC using both the camera kit and HDMI adapter together?
Before I came across this thread, I had already ordered the following connectivity adapter at deal extreme:

It has composite, hdmi, sd, micro-sd, usb, and sync all in one.

Today it arrived, so I gave it a test-run, and yes, unfortunately SD + HDMI at the same time doesn't work.

However, the composite video-out does work while an SD card is plugged in. I was able to play a video from the the SD card on the TV using this. (from iFile)

This is better than nothing and I'm already quite appy with this. I'm going to use this as a replacement for my Archos mediaplayer, which I could connect to a tv, and that was also using composite. And if I really want to use the HDMI, I'll just copy what I want to watch from the SD card to the iPad.


I'll test later against the nightlies to see if the composite also works from xbmc with the sdcard in it.
Good to know!
OK, so I've tested the latest nightly using that connector and not really surprising, composite tv-out works in conjunction with the SD card, also in XBMC. However, composite out itself still has issues at the moment (it's not going full screen) but I'll make a post about that in the tv-out for ipad thread.

I'm fairly certain that I'll be upgrading from my iPad 2 to a new iPad fairly soon, but will be downgrading from 64gb to 32gb in order to save space. I looked for ways to cope with the loss of space and it appears that a goflex satellite wireless hard drive is the perfect solution. It's ok on it's own, but there is custom firmware for it that gives it the ability to join a wifi network (instead of hosting is own) and adds smb server functionality to it. Sounds like the perfect portable NAS to me. Might be worth looking into.

[iPad] XBMC using both the camera kit and HDMI adapter together?00