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Thank you for what looks like it will be a great program. I have the add on loaded and figured out that Sing In really means Sign In. However when I try to load my subscriptions (which I know exist) or just add a new item I get the Addon.py error.

Can you advise on how I can find and load the log file so that you can see exactly what the error is?
1- Read http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=Log_file thoroughly.
2- Don't forget to enable debugging!
3- Don't forget to use a paste site!
Okay, if I did this correctly you should be able to see the log file at this link: http://pastebin.com/NNpuUwZm

The error section is at the end and I only left the prior material in case there was set up information you would need.

Do let me know what I need to change on my end as you can.

Thank you.
OK. It's my fault. You can edit your addon.py line 180 until I update my add-on.

Howto: erase line 180 Smile (con.close())
Many thanks for addon. It is a great idea to link the media centre with Google Listen. Unfortunately, I cannot make the addon work. I have added it as custom button/submenu to my Music menu and after I am hitting it I'm only getting a screen showing an empty folder.

This is a paste of log: http://pastebin.com/hnSSarn3

P.S.: I have already followed your advice to delete 180 line in addon.py, but nothing changed.
Hmm I check your log file. There is no error about this add-on. Strange. Is it working from normal way? I mean from Music/Add-on menu? I already update my repo and add-on to new version. maybe you can try new version. I am outside of my house. I will be back in 10 days. Keep inform me. I will check it when I get back to my house.
It's a bit strange, but it seems the problem is in a skin. My usual Alaska Revisited doesn't show any addons in Music menu, neither do Backrow skin. When I've shifted to the classic Confluence, everything gets to work.

I've noticed that your addon, alike the others of type accessing the user's accounts with internet sites (YouTube, Soundcloud, etc), is able to play only one track in a time. I mean that it's not possible to get the addon to play the entire My Subscription folder so that it plays all posts within the folder one by one. One of my subscriptions is posting one track in a time, so it's a drag to change a post every time the current track ends. Would be grateful to know if it possible to include a multiple playback in the addon.

Many thanks
Yes i can make context menu for play all content. You have to wait me for get back to my house. Smile
That's great. Thank you!
Little bit late I guess but I did it.
version 1.0.4:
added: Play All context menu
added: Number of item showing
added: Unlistened items on main subscriptions title
There seems to be some glitches in the configuration UI

Below "Number of items per page" there is an empty box which you can enable, this brings up what I ASSumE is the login part.

"Google Sing In" I ASSuME this means Sign in. After which it says @gmail.com, again I ASSuME one is supposed to enter the username before @gmail.com like so: "[email protected]"

On the line below it says "User Name" and again I can only ASSuME that password is supposed to go here since the input is 'masked' with ***
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Let me check. Thanks for report.
First, thank you very much for this add-on. I would to ask, is there any chance you might add support for feed icons, and perhaps a Media Info view that would display Summary data for podcast episodes? Some podcasts have simple names for their episodes and then will put the description into the summary, and the summary is the only way to know what an episode is about. I thank you very much in advance for any consideration given.
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Problem is Media Info view not support any description Sad I can't do anything about it. I will check maybe there is dirty fix for that.

Second problem is (if I understand correctly: you mean icons of feed items right?) Google not provide feed items icons. Maybe I can change my code and do it like my Miro add-on.
Queeup, this is a great addition to XBMC. Thanks very much.
Suggestions for future builds:
Add the description information for podcasts (if they contain any)
Add the icon present in listen for each podcast
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