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Split Movies
Hi, i'm currently tidying my movies up, and its going well, but i have a small issue, i have about 30 movies that are in folders, due to the fact they are split in two, and although the folder itself is named correctly, xbmc just will not scan any of the folders?
Has anyone got any suggestions as to how i can get them scanned, or indeed a program i can use to join the two parts together to make one file?
Thanks for all assistance!
How are these 2 part movies named?
if you have them in two parts you need to enable file stacking and name the two parts something like this,


In order for stacking to work the only thing that can differ from the parts is the part identifier. If you need further clarification check the wiki and look for something like movie stacking.
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try this
Quote:<Movie Name>.Part <#>.ext
Xbmc should stack the files
I use Avidemux to join video files. It's really straightforward to use (if you're just joining 2 halves), free and I've never had a problem with any films it's joined.
looked, but where do i enable file stacking?
sussed it, overlooked that part!
Thanks for the replys mind!!

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