[ATV2] Total n00b, command line-free guide - install XBMC on a 4.2.2 (4.3) Apple TV 2

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dauntless101 Wrote:If I'm on 4.2.1 (2100) iOS: 8F202, would I be able to update to 4.2.2 (2203) iOS: 8F305 (the version you described in the original post) or would it force me to update to the latest version 4.3 (2557) iOS: 8F455?

You can only install a firmware version that's either a) currently being signed by Apple or b) that you've saved SHSH blobs for using Tiny Umbrella. The version you're currently using doesn't matter.

Pretty sure 4.2.2 (2203) isn't being signed anymore but it's easy to test. Run Seas0npass and Option-click (Right-click in Windows) so you can select the firmware to install (try 4.2.2, after you've downloaded it of course)... otherwise Seas0npass will download/install the most recent (4.3, 8F455).

Personally I'm using the latest and it's working fine. There's only a couple minor issues mentioned here. They could be fixed now too.
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