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[Mini-ITX] Pentium-G620 (2x2.6Ghz) + GT210
eskro Wrote:Image
[CPU] Intel Pentium G840 Dual-Core 2.6GHz LGA-1155 65W ($85 + $0)
[GPU] ZOTAC GT210 512MB DDR3 64-bit Fanless Low Profile ($36 + $2)
[CASE+PSU] Apex MI-100 Black mITX 250W ($53 + $0)
[FAN] SilenX IXP-74-09 120mm 800RPM 38CFM 9dBA ($13 + $0)
TOTAL: $279

So I built this system pretty much exactly as listed except for a GT430 instead of the GT210. What I don't understand is what I'm supposed to do with the 120mm case fan. Short of cutting out my own grill, there's no where to mount it in the Apex MI-100. Am I missing something?

Also, for anyone else building this system, here's a tip. The retail heatsink and fan that come with the G840 (and G620 also) while fairly small, won't comfortably fit in this system. You have to really squeeze things to get it in there and it will flex the MB something awful when you do. You pretty much have to get an aftermarket low profile heatsink and fan. I ended up with a Thermaltake branded one from Frys (didn't feel like waiting on shipping from Newegg) and it's close to silent so I'm happy with it, but Newegg or Amazon have plenty to choose from.
Watter Wrote:What I don't understand is what I'm supposed to do with the 120mm case fan.

eskro Wrote:Image

That approach didn't even occur to me. Thanks!
Just an FYI - the link for the G840 CPU is incorrect and actually points to a G620.

edit: Or maybe it's supposed to be the G620 and the description is wrong?
rbrohman Wrote:Just an FYI - the link for the G840 CPU is incorrect and actually points to a G620.

edit: Or maybe it's supposed to be the G620 and the description is wrong?

nice catch!

fixing right now!!
What "group" does this build fall into?
Thanks. Could this later be upgraded to bistream HD audio?
oh yes!

if u check my HTPC guide, it explains it all
eskro Wrote:nice catch!

fixing right now!!

Not trying to harp on you, but the description for the thread is a G620, while the actual build is using a G840.

Anyways, this is a great build. I just finished putting this together with a G620, fanless Asus 210, 4GB of ddr3, a slim DVD drive and a 30gb Kingston ssd. Put it all inside a silverstone SG05 which has more than enough room to work around and stuff. I bought everything from the local canada computers as I needed it right away, came to $460 and has played everything I've thrown at it without breaking a sweat.

One note for Linux users is that this mobo didn't play nicely with the normal XBMC live ISO. For the life of me, I could not get suspend working. Screen would briefly turn off, but would not stay down. I tried all the fixes for this that I could find, but none seemed to do the trick. Couldn't suspend from terminal either. Tried Openelec and XBMCFreak's build as well with same results.

I got around this problem (which IMHO is a deal breaker for a true htpc experience) by installing Ubuntu 11.04 (natty) minimal and then installing xbmclive and a few other key packages on top of that. Now everything is golden. More details here:
Linux will always be Linux Tongue
Hi, I am selling off my current HTPC box and building a new one.. I think I am going to build one similar to this one..

Here is what I have picked out How does this look?
Case - APEX MI-100
CPU - Pentium-G620
MOBO - Asrock H67M-ITX/HT
GPU - ZOTAC ZT-40603-10L GeForce GT 430 Low Profile
Fan - Noctua NF-P12-1300 120MM
Ram - G.SKILL Value Series 4GB 1333
SDD - OCZ Vertex 30GB

What I want to be able to do is watch 1080p. Don't really care (presently) about streaming from hulu/netflix since I am in canada and we don't get that. Will most likely use the xbmc live or ubuntu. (May run windows 7 in future)
I noticed you switched from the G620 to the G840. Is there a reason? Will the G840 perform better than the G620? G620 is about $25 cheaper. But don't mind upgrading to the G840
I picked the better video card because I read quite a bit saying that the 430 is better than 210 even in HTPC.. plus the 430 is only $30 after MIR.

Motherboard seems a bit overkill but I really love the internal WiFi and IR..
I may swap out the motherboard for GIGABYTE GA-H61N-USB3 to save $70 since I can live with a wired connection.
So will everything I picked fit in the case ok? And how does this build look? Although this build is getting fairly expensive and wouldn't mind something cheaper...
hello harmar, best to create your thread
eskro Wrote:Linux will always be Linux Tongue

Yep. Some stuff works right out of the box, some doesn't. And when it doesn't, it can be a quick/easy fix or you can pull your hair out for days. That's why it's always nice to know what to expect before you buy. Big Grin
If perfect 24p playback is not important, is the Nvidia GPU still necessary?

Does the G620 and IGP have enough grunt for either software or hardware decoding in Linux and/or Windows?

I know that technically they should (because I have been playing 1080p H264 for many years on lesser hardware) but is there some issue with drivers or the inefficiency of XBMC?
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[Mini-ITX] Pentium-G620 (2x2.6Ghz) + GT21000