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[Mini-ITX] i3-2100 (2x3.1Ghz) + GT210
I think I'm going to start building one of these for myself soon, just wondering - why is there no memory in the pricelist ?

I bought the Boxee just a week ago and find it completely useless for watching my video library - don't know if anyone else has had issues with stuttering with it.
(2012-11-11, 01:26)vegas2k Wrote:
(2012-01-20, 23:23)tantal Wrote: Hey Eskro,

What do you think of this build with a Ceton cablecard card in it?

. . . . Running ubuntu and xbmc?

Looks like a perfect system to do this.

I am also interested in this particular build, and wondering if a Ceton would work well with it. I would probably use the USB External one though. Would you forsee any problems with that?

I'm using this build with a Ceton 4 tuner card installed w/o problems. The issue I had was getting XBMC and Windows Media Center to work seamlessly with HD audio. After I got past that everything is fine.

[Image: photo.jpg]
Great post Eskro.
I like the idea of this build. I want something that will have the processing power needed for smooth performance at 1080p.

My question is whether you would update any of these items as of today. Are there better options now? Thanks Smile
If I were building something similar with today's CPUs, I'd do this:

[CPU] Intel Core i3-3220T Dual-Core Processor 2.8 Ghz 3MB Cache LGA 1155 - BX80637i33220T ($128 @ Amazon)
[CASE+PSU] Apex MI-008 Black mITX 250W ($40 @ Amazon)
[FAN] GELID Solutions FN-PX12-15 120mm Case Fan w/ Intelligent PWM control ($15 + $4 shipping @ Newegg)

The HD2000 integrated GPU will support 3D and HD audio bitstreaming in Windows so a discrete GPU isn't necessary. However, if you want Nvidia something in a GT520/GT610 would be fine for 1080p and HD audio bitstreaming though a lot of the fanless ones have large heatsinks so I am not sure about clearance on the side of the MI-008.

BTW, I picked the i3-3220T because the included low-profile fan works much better in the MI-008. In the MI-008, the PSU sits directly over the motherboard. Having a low-profile cooler gives much more airspace for the cooler and fan to work.
I just built pretty much same thing. I actually modded it so the psu sits in front under the hd. Cut a hole in the bottom of the case to exhaust the psu fan. Put the 120mm fan just like others on this thread pushing more air. This opens up the whole back of this case brilliantly. You can do that or just get a pico psu which is easier and probably alot better looking. But those are the options and you then can also run better heat sink since get more clearance.

I'll copy my pics from my pos when get to comp
Thanks Dougie,
Can you look at my list and tell me if you'd change everything (all prices from after tax).

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[Mini-ITX] i3-2100 (2x3.1Ghz) + GT21041