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[SYMBIAN][v0.9.6] semperXbmc, a remote control app for Symbian in Qt/QML
Installed Dharma and it works like a charm! What and awesome app you've build there, thanks!
Hi.. I'm just wondering will this app work for the Nokia e71?
I was looking for something like this a long time! Many thanks. What I would suggest to add is ability to browse Music as a File list, my library is a mess :mad: Also, starting a song by doubleclicking on it would be great!!!

Acer Aspire Revo 3600 1Gb RAM + Antec Fusion 350 + Sure Electronics 20*4 LCD + Chinavision IR Receiver + Logitech Harmony 525 + XBMCbuntu Eden
Unable to get the program to load on my Samsung Omnia hd(i8910)

It got Symbian s60v5 with custom firmware and QT 4.7.3
Love the app, not getting the top buttons (the ones that rely on JSON connection, still troubleshooting).

Is there a way to have the remote for 2 different XBMC machines, without changing the IP every time?

Will be upgrade for eden?
It used to work with V10 but since I've installed Eden, I also can't see the content. Remote still works...

Will there be an update? Would be nice, I'm starting to miss this cool function ;-)
Hi All,

Obviously, the symbian days are coming to an end but I still use my C7 for semperXbmc only Wink

So I've uploaded the 0.9.5 version with full Eden support ( )
This one is compiled for Anna, so I guess it should work from S3 onwards.

Beware that I haven't tested this version with Dharma

For the most adventurous, don't forget the sources are available on gitorious ( )


semperXbmc ( )
Thank you for uploading this, I've been waiting anxiously for this update. I loaded it onto my N8 (Belle) and it's working again. A couple of things: Some of the links in your post aren't working (at least for me) there seems to be an extra ")" character at the end of the address. Also, the version shows as 0.9.4 on my phone?

In any case, thanks again.

(2012-05-27, 00:00)dundeeboy Wrote: Some of the links in your post aren't working (at least for me) there seems to be an extra ")" character at the end of the address.

Thanks. Looks like the forum is not too bright with links between parentheses...
Hi Koying,

could you compile S1 version 0.95 as well? Your app is the only one correctly working on my Samsung i8910. Thank you very much for your effort.


Thanks very much for this app!

I've installed on my N8 (with Belle) and tested with Eden. I've just tested the control function and it worked perfectly.

Didn't try to look at the library's content because I'm adding them right now!

Anyway, congrats for the project and thank you again!
Hello everybody,
First of all thanks to the developper for this great app!!

Semper xbmc work fine on my nokia N8 Belle.
I read all the post and did not find any answer to this question:

Is there any possibility to display song lyrics in the semperxbmc app?

Otherwise, can xbmc open automatically the N8 web browser to display lyrics of a song playing in xbmc on pc side?

Thanks very much...and sorry for my english
Very good app!
Is there an option to choose a video from the library and play it ON THE PHONE ?
I'd really like to have this option... Smile
Hi Koying,

I just tried to install v0.95 on my N8, however when the file opens, it just seems to be a long document of characters.

V0.93 works fine though, however theres only the exit and settings icons on top. Is it because I need v.0.95 with the current version of xbmc?

By the way, awesome project! Wink

[SYMBIAN][v0.9.6] semperXbmc, a remote control app for Symbian in Qt/QML41