Any interest in a PHP Script to download trailers?
I'm using EMM-r to manage my media info but most of my house is on linux (I dual-boot for EMM and Starcraft). So every time I have to fix some info I have to reboot which has started to bug me... And EMM-r's trailer support doesn't work for me. The other trailer download tools are all for windows.

So I found a couple of tutorials on how to interface with youtube and managed to cobble together a script that will go through my movies, search for them on youtube, and download the trailer.

It's certainly a "work in progress" and it's *very* specific to my setup but it could be a nice jumping off point for anyone else who wants to build upon it. So if there is anyone interested, I don't mind cleaning it up and throwing it up on github.

Also, When I say, "specific to my setup", I mean that my Movies are organized by:

/base/Movie Title (YEAR)[.1080p|.720p]/Movie Title (YEAR).[extension]

And I want all my supporting files to be in the movie folder with the title:

Movie Title (YEAR)-fanart.ext
Movie Title (YEAR).tbn
Movie Title (YEAR).nfo
Movie Title (YEAR)-trailer.ext

I try to make everything as explicit as possible and avoid the generic names.

Future plans include interfacing with TMDB and generating .nfo files plus pulling down some artwork for the fanart and tbn files.
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Any interest in a PHP Script to download trailers?00