VDR VNSI Transcoding on the fly
Hi all,

Got my AppleTV 2 this week and absolutely loving XBMC on it thus far Big Grin

Thought heck why not I'll try get live TV going but here's my problem:
Here in New Zealand our DVB-T broadcasts are h264 but with AAC-LATM as the audio. This means that none of the devices in my house can play the audio without re-compiling XBMC to use external ffmpeg (which in itself is a mission to compile)

My question is, can I transcode live TV on the fly? I read something about this with the streamdev plugin, but is it possible with VNSI?

Thanks so much for all your support!
Why you would want that with VNSI ? Streamdev can serve your requirement quite good ...
steffen_b Wrote:Why you would want that with VNSI ? Streamdev can serve your requirement quite good ...

Because streamdev doesn't work with XBMC.
So if I can't do it with VDR, are there any alternatives?

If not does that basically mean I'll have to wait for the devs to update the internal ffmpeg?
You can kludge it with streamdev and iptv. Basically, IPTV points back to your VDR channel, the IPTV script throws the streamdev stream through ffmpeg before going to the udp port.

I have this working to convert AC-3 audio to mp3 for my Hauppauge MVP's in the US..
So IPTV being what application? I.e how am I going to get XBMC to see the stream?

So if I want this to work, how much CPU power am I going to have to have to convert 1080p from AAC-LATM to some other codec?

Are you able to supply a sample script? Would be very appreciated! Nod

Might take a while to set up with all 10 or so channels we have here.

Hopefully being able to do this will fix the laggy issue on the ATV2!

Sorry about the nooby questions too, know my way around XBMC and linux quite well, but IPTV is new to me
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