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Novacut Pro Opensource collaborative Video Editor
I'm really excited about this project, it's for an open source real time collaborative video editor, they're currently in a kickstarter revenue round at the kickstarter site (which is an awesome site also btw ) They've 7 days to reach their goal of $25K and as you'll see they're a little way off.

Linux really could do with this tool for video editing and a couple of bucks from yourself could see it a reality. If this project gets momentum I'll most certainly be watching content on my xbmc that's been edited in the Novacut Pro suite! Who knows, someone out there may develop an awesome add on down the track to integrate some features of the project into xbmc (just wildly speculating) or something but it'll most certainly provide creators of content a platform to be creative like never before.

So take a couple of moments to read their kick starter page please and help out if you're able Big Grin
Big Grin 
Surprised no one commented on this but just a quick follow up. This team managed to secure their funding which is awesome. If you donated from this link then thanks so much.
They seem to keep up with updates which is nice considering their aim. Personally looking forward to an open source video editor which is capable to throw Final Cut from its throne... Maybe. Laugh
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